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  1. She takes one look at Yank ( Dafoe ) in the stokehole and all but faints from shock at his animalism.
  2. For instance, throughout the course of the novel, Reid often associates animalism with whites in order to dehumanize them.
  3. It happened to be the best one, in the researchers'opinion, but the point is that the animalism was absent from that wine's fruitier peers.
  4. He warned people who went there of " descent into mere animalism and fixed and hopeless barbarism, " showing how he viewed the lives of the Africans as inferior to his life.
  5. Based on the facts that the names of certain tribes bear the names of animals, survivals of animal cults, prohibitions of certain foods and other indications, W . R . Smith argued for the practice of animalism.
  6. A 1996 British CD reissue of the album combined " Animalisms ", " Animalization ", and a 1963 independent EP cut as The Alan Price Rhythm and Blues Combo, all under a different cover.
  7. Gangrel are inherently apt at the Disciplines of Animalism ( spirit based communication and control over the Beasts of nature and the Beasts within vampires'souls ), Resilience ( supernatural physical toughness ), and Protean ( shapeshifting ).
  8. Working from Neil McKay's script, director David Skynner conveys a sense of wild animalism in the bond between Heathcliff and Cathy, from their childhood romps on the moor to his pursuit of her, literally, into the grave.
  9. city gangrel are a bloodline of the parent clan of the same name that primarly exists in the sabaat, they have in clan disciplines of protean, celerity, and obfuscate instead of the standard gangrel disciplines of protean, fortitude, and animalism.
  10. These commandments are also distilled into the maxim " Four legs good, two legs "'bad ! "'" which is primarily used by the sheep on the farm, often to disrupt discussions and disagreements between animals on the nature of Animalism.
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