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  1. "' Heliozoa "', commonly known as sun-animalcules, are microbial eukaryotes ( protists ) with stiff arms ( marine environments.
  2. Only then were his by-then-largely-forgotten observations of bacteria as opposed to his famous " animalcules " ( spermatozoa )  taken seriously.
  3. The term " Proteus animalcule " remained in use throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, as an informal name for any large, free-living amoeboid.
  4. Van Leeuwenhoek's ( 1632-1723 ) " tiny animalcules " revealed the living world to be stranger than any natural philosopher could have guessed.
  5. There was not enough space at the bottom of the spectrum to accommodate infinitely stacked animalcules, without bumping into the constituent parts of matter . ( Gee 43)
  6. On 24 October 2016, Google commemorated Van Leeuwenhoek's 384th birthday with a Doodle that depicted his discovery of " little animals " or animalcules, now known as bacteria.
  7. In 1753, the first modern dinoflagellates were described by Henry Baker as " Animalcules which cause the Sparkling Light in Sea Water ", and named by Otto Friedrich M�ller in 1773.
  8. After all, it was several centuries ago that Antony van Leeuwenhoek first opened human eyes to the invisible world of microscopic life, describing a riot of " wee animalcules ."
  9. Since Anton van Leeuwenhoek peered through his microscope in the 1670s and saw " animalcules, " his description of microbes, researchers have identified and studied about 4, 000 species of microorganisms.
  10. Jean Astruc, noting that parents of both sexes seemed to influence the characteristics of their offspring, suggested that the animalcule came from the sperm and was then shaped as it passed into the egg.
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