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  1. Add the garlic, hot pepper and anchovies, if using.
  2. Anchovies can be used in almost as many ways as garlic.
  3. {anchovy, chopped, or { teaspoon anchovy paste, optional
  4. {anchovy, chopped, or { teaspoon anchovy paste, optional
  5. _Orecchiette With Cauliflower, Anchovies & Braised Greens.
  6. Arrange mixture around the tuna; top with the anchovy fillets.
  7. Clean anchovies of their spines and tails with a paring knife.
  8. So we've progressed from worms to anchovies to octopus.
  9. We've gone from bait shop to anchovies to mackerel.
  10. Rinse anchovies, drain them well, and chop them finely.
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