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  1. As early as 1953, Shorts became involved with pioneering the development of electronic analogue computers, to assist with the design of increasingly complex aircraft.
  2. Greek mathematics and astronomy reached a rather advanced stage during Apollonius and Ptolemy, to the point of constructing simple analogue computers such as the Antikythera mechanism.
  3. The solution included was based on analogue computers with a newly developed hydraulically controlled director platform and a frequency agile Ku-band fire control radar, Ceros.
  4. The MONIAC Computer built in 1949 was a fluid-based analogue computer used for teaching economic principles as it could recreate complex simulations that digital computers could not.
  5. In 1960, he founded Motion Graphics Incorporated, which used a mechanical analogue computer of his own invention to create motion picture and television title sequences and commercials.
  6. Cauer found that he could not support his family during the analogue computers : Cauer was interested in using them to solve linear systems to aid in filter designs.
  7. Analogue computer art by Maughan Mason along with digital computer art by Noll were exhibited at the AFIPS Fall Joint Computer Conference in Las Vegas toward the end of 1965.
  8. It was first moved azimuthally under power on 12 June 1957; the bowl was tilted under power for the first time on 20 June 1957 . and analogue computer.
  9. The 102 mm ( 4 in ) gun was intended to be fitted with a ballistic sight with an analogue computer, and a six or 12 round mechanical loader.
  10. Later in 1965, Noll's digital computer art was exhibited along with the analogue computer art of Maughan Mason at the Fall Joint Computer conference in Las Vegas.
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