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  1. Convergent evolution creates "'analogous structures "'that have similar form or function but were not present in the last common ancestor of those groups.
  2. Studies on reactions of carbonyl cyanide by the team headed by Achmatowicz, became the stimulus to undertake research in the domain of diene synthesis with systems of analogous structure.
  3. The nature of these genes corresponds to that of transcription factors, which, as expected, have analogous structures to a group of factors contained in yeasts and animal cells.
  4. Even works that do not adhere to the standard description of a sonata form often present analogous structures or can be analyzed as elaborations or expansions of the standard description of sonata form.
  5. In doing so, he concentrates on comparative approaches as advocated by Charles Darwin, i . e ., the study of analogous structures and processes in a wide range of species.
  6. :: Isn't the short answer as to why no analogous structure has been predicted or observed, is that the analogy between gravity and electric forces is only so good.
  7. Today, there are reliable theories of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions of elementary particles which have an analogous structure to QED : They are the dominant framework of particle physics.
  8. Castles in this sphere  not exclusively European  are treated as separate entities in the sources to Japanese castles, which are analogous structures with differing backgrounds to those that originated in Europe.
  9. In both sexes the gonad goes on to form the testes and ovaries, because they are derived from the same undeveloped structure they are considered analogous structures as they arise from different fetal structures.
  10. The above sentence represents a typical Chinese serial verb construction, with two consecutive verb phrases meaning " help you " and " find him ", sharing the same Yoruba, which have analogous structures ).
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