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  1. The vannal veins ( lV to nV ) are the anal veins that are immediately associated with the third axillary, and which are directly affected by the movement of this sclerite that brings about the flexion of the wings.
  2. The wing is clear or tinged ( the area along the wing margin, around veins Sc and R1 is darkened in some genera ) . The wing has large anal lobe and the anal vein reaches the wing margin.
  3. The ground colour of the forewings is light grey with a moderately distinct red-brown costal triangle, a small black basal dash below the costa and fine black lines along the cubital and anal veins and along the inner edge of the costal triangle.
  4. :: : In reality steroids do not'get rid of'haemorrhoids, they reduce the inflammation that is causing the irritation, this may give the impression that they have gone, but the swollen anal veins will still be there . talk ) 10 : 47, 27 July 2014 ( UTC)
  5. The basal patch upper half is white suffused with pinkish buff and there are two fuscous spots at the base of the cell, as well as a slightly oval patch of testaceous to mummy-brown just below the median nervure, fuscous below anal vein, the whole edged with white and defined by fuscous-black.
  6. The branch M 3 + 4 is separated from the discal cell at the distal posterior vertex, so the mid-cubital connects directly to the posterior margin of the discal cell . The cubital and anal veins are complete and end separately on the margin or converge joining for a short distance Consequently, the cell cup may be open or closed.
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