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  1. He increased airspeed to 110 mph and soon saw the English coast.
  2. As airspeed increases, the system allows less and less rudder movement.
  3. Roman said the robot would be used to recover the airspeed indicators.
  4. He's having a hard time maintaining his airspeed.
  5. Launching a glider gives it the initial forward airspeed to start flying.
  6. So the aero engine project was abandoned in 1936, see Airspeed.
  7. Airspeed's most productive period was during the Second World War.
  8. Stalls depend only on angle of attack, not airspeed.
  9. Some airspeed indicators incorporate a slide rule mechanism to perform this calculation.
  10. Thrust varies with throttle setting, airspeed, altitude and air temperature.
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