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  1. When input to an airspeed indicator, impact pressure is used to provide a calibrated airspeed reading.
  2. Why do most airspeed indicators have the unit knots, even when they are not naval aircraft?
  3. The airspeed indicator went past the red line.
  4. Aviation industry sources said airspeed indicators might disagree if dirt or debris blocked an external sensor.
  5. There was no working airspeed indicator or altimeter, and Osborn used full right aileron during the landing.
  6. The flight instruments are an airspeed indicator, altimeter, landing lights, which have a five-minute continuous operating limit.
  7. Investigators will look for marks on the airspeed indicator to reveal how fast the plane was going.
  8. The same colour scheme is used as on a mechanical airspeed indicator to represent the V speeds.
  9. The airspeed indicator displays the speed of the aircraft in pitot system, which tracks air pressure measurements.
  10. Some light aircraft have airspeed indicators showing speed in statute miles per hour or kilometers per hour.
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