airspeed indicator in a sentence

airspeed indicator meaning in Hindi


  1. Pilot : My airspeed indicator's not working . . . Is yours working?
  2. Meanwhile, the co-pilot kept drawing attention to the airspeed indicator.
  3. His aircraft had also lost its airspeed indicator and control of guns, flaps or brakes.
  4. It's likely that other parts of the aircraft besides the airspeed indicator failed, Ramos said.
  5. The airspeed indicator and altimeter will be rendered inoperative by blockage in the static system.
  6. The Pitot tube supplies pressure to the airspeed indicator.
  7. :: : And clog the pitot tubes, which puts the airspeed indicator out of service.
  8. The equivalent airspeed is closely related to the indicated airspeed shown by the airspeed indicator.
  9. The MiGs had US airspeed indicators and a few other minor instrument and safety modifications.
  10. Pilot : Alternate ( airspeed indicator ) is correct.
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