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  1. I once flew in an F-16 with the Thunderbirds and filled several airsick bags.
  2. And I'll bet they pack a LOT of airsick bags for a trip like that.
  3. The only way the parser understood the phrase was by putting THE before BAG, or by referencing an alias such as AIRSICK BAG.
  4. The airsick bags are uniform, and it's a dead giveaway if you actually peer inside " just to check ."
  5. The crocodiles weren't fed for a week before the flight so they wouldn't choke on their own vomit if they got airsick.
  6. The European discount airline Ryanair uses in-flight advertising on overhead bins, seatbacks, airsick bags, and on the sides of its jets.
  7. "I got airsick after the third loop, " said Moran, one of the few Americans to have gone through the MiG training.
  8. But he tried his best to make his instructors understand that he got airsick every time he flew and that the cordite from the machine guns made him nauseated.
  9. The pleasant scenery along the Northeast Corridor sure beats bumpy black-bottomed clouds piled high and TV instructions on where to find that flotation cushion, the emergency exits and the airsick sack.
  10. The worst offense I have ever committed in the sky is to stash my gum in the airsick bag which is all that's left, now that they've sealed up the ashtrays.
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