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  1. Therefore, these flights are not considered to be air ambulance services.
  2. Nor-Alta Aviation also provides Air Ambulance services under contract from Alberta Health Services.
  3. Operation began in 1981 and Life-Guard became Virginia s first air ambulance service.
  4. The National Air Ambulance Service has a fixed-winged air ambulance stationed at Vigra.
  5. The hospital features a rooftop landing pad for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service.
  6. The Norwegian Air Ambulance service operates twelve helicopters and nine airplanes.
  7. The National Air Ambulance Service was established on 1 January 1988.
  8. The airport is also home to the state's Air Ambulance service.
  9. The 330 Squadron is part of the National Air Ambulance Service.
  10. Air Ambulance services are provided by the Great North Air Ambulance.
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