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  1. After thirty years Ahriman outwitted and swallowed Taxmoruw.
  2. In the final episode of season 5, " Ahriman introduced into the storyline.
  3. Duzakh is firstly the residence of Ahriman, the demons, and the drujes.
  4. Ahriman now took another guise, and presented himself to Zahhk as a marvellous cook.
  5. Ahriman chose Baator and Jazirian chose Heaven.
  6. Keyumars mourned for a year, and then Sorush advised him to fight Ahriman once more.
  7. Ahriman tires and, baulked of both pleasure and prey, descends once more into hell.
  8. Ahriman rises from the corruption below.
  9. The woman believes that Dr . Ahriman is one of the Machine agents trying to control her.
  10. During Yalda, Zoroastrians keep fires burning all night to ensure the defeat of the forces of Ahriman.
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