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  1. It was a matter of an affluent society.
  2. 46 . ` THE AFFLUENT SOCIETY,'John Kenneth Galbraith
  3. "Drugs, crime, terrorism, unemployment and increasing poverty are part of our affluent societies, " he said.
  4. Since they grew up in a very affluent society, they have a romantic notion about being poor.
  5. Schizophrenia is associated with maternal starvation during pregnancy while autism has become increasingly common in affluent societies.
  6. Prada fashion has communicated membership in a cool, secretly knowing and affluent society, however pretentious that may sound.
  7. Bourdieu believed that the prosperous and affluent societies of the west were becoming the " cultural capital ".
  8. But with other young artists, he began to feel alienated from the materialism of this newly affluent society.
  9. Some of the frustration is unrealistic, whiny _ the empty anguish of an affluent society demanding perpetual gratification.
  10. After the Second World War, investment in colonial mining and transportation ceased and Belgium became a more affluent society.
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