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  1. The direct  shunt created by the aerenchyma allows for methane to bypass oxidation by oxygen that is also transported by the plants to their roots.
  2. Species that are tolerant of waterlogging develop specialised roots near the soil surface and aerenchyma to allow the diffusion of oxygen from the shoot to the root.
  3. The plants found in hydric soils often have aerenchyma, internal spaces in stems and rhizomes, that allow atmospheric oxygen to be transported to the rooting zone.
  4. The greater part of each plant is a small organized " thallus " or " frond " structure only a few cells thick, often with air pockets ( aerenchyma ) that allow it to float on or just under the water surface.
  5. Some plants have an emergency cell death response to root hypoxia where the center of the roots die producing a conduit called aerenchyma to the bottom of the roots from the air . ( Talk ) 15 : 56, 18 December 2007 ( UTC)
  6. Plants not only provide much of the carbon needed for methane producing processes in wetlands, but in addition, methane can utilize three different pathways provided by primary productivity to reach the atmosphere : diffusion through the profile, plant aerenchyma, and ebullition.
  7. The plant fossils found show many structural and anatomical adaptations to an aquatic environment, including a reduced vascular system, aerenchyma in tissues ( air spaces to provide buoyancy ), and protoxylem lacunae surrounded by a ring of cells with thickened inner walls.
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