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  1. Matrix immobilization inhibits the formation of fibrillar adhesions and matrix reorganization.
  2. For enhanced adhesion, a post lamination bake can be added.
  3. Selectins are adhesion molecules that facilitate the capture of circulating leukocytes.
  4. These adhesion fibrils are also seen in other species of skates.
  5. GPR56 was the first adhesion GPCR causally linked to a disease.
  6. This can be important in the adhesion of dust and powders.
  7. It is important to note the difference between bridging and adhesion.
  8. They are sites of adhesion and do not encircle the cell.
  9. He then discovered other focal adhesion components including paxillin and palladin.
  10. Microtubule disruption decrease neutrophil adhesion, an important step for inflammation.
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