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addles meaning in Hindi


  1. They're entertaining for 4-year-olds and addled adults alike.
  2. Except for the flu-addled Derek Fisher, the Lakers are fairly hale.
  3. She may seem lazy, fearful, addled, or unconcerned about her children.
  4. More ravings from an Olympics-addled brain:
  5. Unfortunately, his addled attempts at atmosphere only underscore the weakness of the script.
  6. But I was getting so addled that I couldn't pass a sentence.
  7. PALM BEACH, Fla . _ Addled seniors.
  8. I must have been out in the sun too long, an addled daydreamer.
  9. He was an addled soul, but at least he wasn't phony.
  10. Addled by sleep deprivation, I found myself the other day resorting to verse.
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