addles in a sentence

addles meaning in Hindi


  1. However, his addled dreams convince him that he must supplant Batman.
  2. The drug-addled Jimmy, however, won't listen.
  3. His unmistakably meth-addled face underscores his possession charges.
  4. It was nicknamed the " Addled Parliament " because of its ineffectiveness.
  5. Walt Sweeney was a drug-addled Irish alcoholic.
  6. The show airs on the celebrity-addled E!
  7. The blows must have left him addle-brained.
  8. Other times, she's an addled neurotic.
  9. Restrain a natural impulse to dismiss this as mystic pantheistics addled with goriness.
  10. Did they have any redeeming qualities before they got all coke-addled?
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