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  1. This concept is known as "'adaptive automation "'or "'adjustable autonomy "'; however, the term "'" adaptive autonomy " ( AA ) "'seems more appropriate, to prevent the confusion with the phrases like adaptive control and adaptive automation in systems control terminology.
  2. He received in 1989 the IEEE Donald G . Fink Prize Paper Award, in 1990 the IEEE Control Systems Science and Engineering Award, and in 1993 the IEEE Medal of Honor for his " fundamental contributions to theory and applications of adaptive control technology ".
  3. LAMSTAR has been applied to many medical and financial predictions ( see Graupe, 2013 Section 9C ), adaptive filtering of noisy speech in unknown noise, still-image recognition ( Graupe, 2013 Section 9D ), video image recognition, software security, adaptive control of non-linear systems, and others.
  4. Poggio's original training was as a theoretical physicist ( he received a Ph . D . in Theoretical Physics from the University of Genoa in 1970 ) and his current research focuses on the application of new learning techniques to time series analysis, object recognition, adaptive control and computer graphics.
  5. Wallace gained his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1958, and his M . S . ( 1961 ) and Ph . D . ( 1965 ) in management science from Rensselaer, His doctoral thesis was entitled " Producer Learning : An Adaptive Control Process ".
  6. With Carl Walters, he jointly received the Wildlife Society award for best paper in fish ecology and management : Walters, C . J . and Hilborn R . 1976 . " Adaptive control of fishing systems ", " Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada ", "'33 "'( 1 ) : 145-159.
  7. Professor Yurkovich s research, published in more than 200 books, journal articles and conference papers, includes work in the areas of system identification and parameter set estimation for control, nonlinear and adaptive control, and fuzzy logic for control, in application areas including automotive systems, aerospace systems, chemical process control, welding processes, and flexible mechanical structures.
  8. even though i could get lot of information about control system but the subjects which are in continution to it like Discrete Control System, Optimal control system, Adaptive Control System, Computer Adied Designe Of Control System, i am unable to get information about these subjects . can you suggest me how to get the notes of these subjects.
  9. "' Petar V . Kokotovic "'( Serbian Cyrillic : 5B0 @   .  >  :  > B > 28 [  ) is a professor in the Department of Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA . He has made contributions in the areas of adaptive control, singular perturbation techniques, and nonlinear control.
  10. Perhaps our articles on Digital Control, Control theory, Real-time control, Optimal control, Adaptive control, Control engineering, and MATLAB, also following promising links in the " See also " and " External links " sections, give you some material to mull over in the meantime, and suggest some pointers to follow .-- Talk 17 : 58, 28 October 2006 ( UTC)
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