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  1. His research encompassed all aspects of control incorporating digital logic, including adaptive control of both nonlinear systems and systems with multiple-data sampling.
  2. When applying adaptive control theory techniques to motor control, efference copy is used in indirect control schemes as the input to the reference model.
  3. An impulse noise filter can be used to enhance the quality of noisy signals, in order to achieve robustness in pattern recognition and adaptive control systems.
  4. "' A . Stephen Morse "'( born June 18, 1939 ) is the Dudley Professor of distributed control and adaptive control in electrical engineering at Yale University.
  5. With the assumption that new models can be acquired and pre-existing models can be updated, the efference copy is important for the adaptive control of a movement task.
  6. In 2002 he received the IEEE Control Systems Award, " for outstanding contributions to stochastic and adaptive control and the unification of concepts from control and computer science ".
  7. The Servo Lab would receive Air Force sponsorship for numerical control hardware, software, and adaptive control, followed by computer-aided design, computer graphics hardware and software, and software engineering and software technology, from 1951.
  8. In special cases the adaptation can be limited to the static behavior alone, leading to adaptive control based on characteristic curves for the steady-states or to extremum value control, optimizing the steady state.
  9. His areas of personal research are resilient network control systems, cybersecurity, autonomous and unmanned systems ( especially aerial vehicles ), computer vision, nonlinear and adaptive control, control of hybrid and embedded systems, and software.
  10. "' Karl Johan �str�m "'( born August 5, 1934 ) is a notable Swedish control theorist, who has made contributions to the fields of control theory and control engineering, computer control and adaptive control.
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