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  1. As a physics teacher, he knows all about the laws of action and reaction.
  2. They function on Newton's Third Law of action and reaction.
  3. Lessons cover topics such as the laws of action and reaction, precipitation, compensation, and transmutation.
  4. The gay-liberation movement used to move forward in fits and starts of action and reaction.
  5. Each Stooge developed their own signature action and reaction.
  6. Dati argued fortune was predictable, acting in response to action and reaction by people and events.
  7. "The cycle of violent action and reaction in the Middle East must stop, " he said.
  8. They also urge one another to try to understand the emotions motivating their clients'actions and reactions.
  9. You get action and reaction all the time.
  10. The purpose of the HMBG books is to help break the cycle of negative action and reaction.
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