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  1. Ray-finned fishes, class Actinopterygii, differ from lobe-finned fishes in that their fins consist of webs of skin supported by spines ( " rays " ) made of bone or horn.
  2. A subclass of the Osteichthyes, the ray-finned fishes ( Actinopterygii ), have become the dominant group of fishes in the post-Paleozoic and modern world, with some 30, 000 living species.
  3. The FAM214A protein has a significant number of orthologs across a large number of taxonomic groups including Mammalia, Aves, Reptilia, Amphibia, Actinopterygii, Echinoidea, Insecta, Trematoda, Crustacea, Tricoplacia, Anthozoa, and Eurotiomycetes.
  4. Professor Nieuwenhuys graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam in 1955 and in 1960 obtained a PhD at the same institute with the dissertation " Het Telencephalon der Actinopterygii " . [ http : / / permalink . opc . uva . nl / item / 002865050 He is author of important works in neuroanatomy including The Central Nervous System Of The Vertebrates and The Human Central Nervous System.
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