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pronunciation: [ [ ə'kʌstəm ] ]
accustom meaning in Hindi


  1. The best approach is to accustom puppies to the procedure so they don't protest later.
  2. "Retailers need to accustom themselves to much more modest increases, " he said.
  3. The new offerings are partly designed to accustom employees to seeking out medical information on their own.
  4. "Our hunting trips accustom us to patience and endurance, " he wrote recently.
  5. Everyone does homage to Gyges, who, however, cannot accustom himself to this high honour.
  6. Sometimes a player just wants to accustom himself to the crowd and the surroundings on the first day.
  7. But McCain-Lieberman aims merely to accustom the nation gently to doing business in a different way.
  8. They also wrote that toys were meant to accustom a child " to completely spontaneous laughter ."
  9. One challenge is to accustom middle-class Californians to live in medium-to high-density housing.
  10. The Canadian players have since had time to accustom themselves to European officiating, and resolved to remain disciplined.
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