accusingly in a sentence

accusingly meaning in Hindi


  1. The squirrel glared back down accusingly.
  2. Its little witch's hat of a roof pointed accusingly at the dark-gray sky.
  3. Some other lawmakers, however, pointed accusingly at leaders of the pro-British unionist parties.
  4. "You hop into the sack with everyone you like ? " he asks her accusingly.
  5. Gazing at the painting, Tosca says accusingly, " See how she stares intently ."
  6. Lagos then looked directly into the camera and accusingly raised his index finger to say directly to all viewers:
  7. As he himself self-accusingly admits, he is behaving like Shakespeare's most accomplished ditherer and malcontent.
  8. First, companies unquestionably hurt by a powerful event beyond the control of mere CEOs point accusingly to the obvious.
  9. I'm not saying whether the information presented is right or wrong, but it is worded very accusingly.
  10. "Your fingers ! " he shouted during one rehearsal, pointing accusingly to an actress'right hand.
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