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  1. Only the accusative case for indefinite masculine nouns is often marked.
  2. Commonly encountered cases include nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive.
  3. For morphosyntactic alignment, many Australian languages have nominative accusative case marking.
  4. In contrast, regular nouns do not have a distinct accusative case.
  5. Historically, the similarity of the accusative and genitive endings is coincidental.
  6. A number of languages have both ergative and accusative morphology.
  7. Those orders are permitted in Sakha if accusative case is overtly expressed:
  8. Pronouns also inflect for nominative, accusative, referent and locative cases.
  9. Personal pronouns have Unmarked, Nominative, Accusative and Possessive case forms.
  10. In noun morphology, there are two cases : nominative and accusative.
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