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accusative case meaning in Hindi


  1. This preposition functions like accusative case.
  2. In German, for example, accusative case is always overt on arguments with masculine gender.
  3. In a verbal sentence, the subject takes nominative case and the object takes accusative case.
  4. Nominative means it is the subject of the sentence; accusative case is used for the direct object.
  5. In particular, the accusative case is assigned through a structural relation between the verbal head and its complement.
  6. For example, support accounting for accusative case in Latin-type case marked languages could be presented as:
  7. The existence or nonexistence of an accusative case in Finnish thus depends on one's point of view.
  8. Pronouns are identical in all cases, though exceptionally the accusative case may be marked, as for nouns.
  9. The phenomenon of ECM makes it evident that accusative case is not necessarily assigned to the complement of the assigner.
  10. So an'accusative verb'is one which would have an object in the accusative case if used transitively.
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