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  1. For an example of database-specific metadata access methods, see Oracle metadata.
  2. All services and modules are accessible via standard web access methods ( HTTP ).
  3. Class Circle " adds " a new data element radius and corresponding access methods.
  4. Access methods are provided by the language run time systems and the database manager.
  5. FDMA, on the other hand, is an access method in the data link layer.
  6. Correctly designed, a DUCS program was faster than any competing package or access method.
  7. Channel access methods for packet switching include carrier sense multiple access, token passing, etc.
  8. IBM introduced VTAM ( Virtual Telecommunications Access Method ) with the System / 370.
  9. The last category to follow is the No Access method.
  10. The specific access method will depend on the skills and abilities of the user.
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