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  1. Also known as Blizzard 603e, this accelerator board was designed for Amiga 1200 and plugged into the trapdoor slot.
  2. These systems exclusively used external fast SCSI drives ( interfaced through a SCSI accelerator board ) for media storage.
  3. Rainer Spurzem is a leader of the "'GRACE "'project, which uses GRAPE accelerator boards at the Rochester Institute of Technology.
  4. CyberVision PPC and BlizzardVision PPC ( BVision PPC ) were graphics board add-ons for CyberStorm PPC and Blizzard PPC accelerator boards.
  5. Version 4.1 was released in August 2008 for AmigaOne systems, and in May 2011 for Amigas equipped with PowerUP accelerator boards.
  6. The accelerator board was famous for its high performance due to its 64 bit wide memory bus and PowerPC 604e processor.
  7. There was also a very rare accelerator board known as the Nitro; between 5 and 20 are estimated to have been made.
  8. According to Ralph Schmidt in an " AmigActive " article featuring MorphOS, there were about 10, 000 people using Phase5 PowerPC accelerator boards.
  9. It ran on PowerUP accelerator boards developed by Phase5 which contained both a Motorola 68000 family CPU and a PowerPC CPU with shared address space.
  10. In 2014, AMAX announced at Supercomputing 2014 ( SC14 ) show the ClusterMax GPU cluster and ServMax GPU server platforms with NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU accelerator board.
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