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  1. Regulations may also provide an abutter with the right to be heard at the hearing, unlike others who must request permission to be heard, at the discretion of the board.
  2. In the spirit of land use politics, even the unified voices of the concerned abutters may sound only faintly against the machinery of " progress " or well-funded special interests.
  3. On the other hand, after the chapel was built, I can say we have not heard a single complaint from any abutter on any topic _ traffic, noise, lighting, landscaping.
  4. The result of GARI's actions was a larger turnout of Narragansett residents, not just a small group of abutters, who came out to tell town officials they wanted the bike path.
  5. The arboretum purchased 10 acres of the land, and another 5 acres were taken by the abutter on the other end, the Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society, sponsor of the island's annual agricultural fair.
  6. In 2011, the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy partnered with local community groups, residents, and abutters to add the plaza tables, chairs and shade umbrellas, while the City of Boston renovated neighboring Mary Soo Hoo Park to the south.
  7. The question is important not only to 200 million Indonesians but also to countries such as the United States, which see Indonesia as a promising market for their goods, a major oil and natural gas exporter, and an abutter to important shipping lanes.
  8. Such action will make it simpler to convey the interest to others in a definitive manner, and also serves as notice that there is a new " owner of record ", which may be a prerequisite to benefits such as equity loans or judicial standing as an abutter.
  9. Because of this, Connecticut is one of the only states where railbanked corridors have a reasonable chance of reactivation ( should there be a need to ), where elsewhere local opposition from trail users and property abutters would be able to directly influence a municipally-owned right-of-way.
  10. Contrarily, regulations may define " abutter " to include only those people who hold record title to an adjacent parcel, thus undermining the rights of tenants, associations and partial owners ( e . g ., mineral rights and easement owners ) to be notified, let alone heard on a proposal.
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