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abutments meaning in Hindi


  1. The bridge is supported by two fieldstone abutments and a pier.
  2. The system limit is at Lernacken, near the bridge abutment.
  3. The tied arch design eliminates thrust at the abutments and piers.
  4. The bridge construction is single kingpost, resting on stone abutments.
  5. During reconstruction of the bridge, the abutments were also rebuilt.
  6. The bridge was repaired and painted and both abutments were replaced.
  7. The rock used in the abutments was gathered from local quarries.
  8. The total length from one abutment to the other is about.
  9. Its weight was 5000 piers support the bridge between its abutments.
  10. The bridge rests on limestone block abutments and a central pier.
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