abusively in a sentence

abusively meaning in Hindi


  1. Christian knowledge of Muhammad's life " was nearly always used abusively ".
  2. Well, PoT has definitely been using multiple accounts " abusively ".
  3. During the seven months he governed in 1991, he was criticized for ruling abusively.
  4. While such markets can be abusively returns on investment are not as easy to find.
  5. He wants to use multiple accounts abusively.
  6. They seem abusively used the accounts though.
  7. Additionally, CheckUser confirms that IronAngelAlice has a history using one or more accounts abusively.
  8. But doing it sloppy ( or abusively ) is worse than not doing it all.
  9. Despite all the warnings and blocks, he has continued to behave disruptively and abusively.
  10. Mbz1 continued acting as disruptively and abusively as she had prior to the interaction ban.
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