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  1. Your blog entry encourages this kind of abuse of trust that we are struggling to create on Wikipedia.
  2. The investigation, which began a year ago, centers around allegations of fraud, forgery and abuse of trust, judicial officials said.
  3. Immediately remanded in custody bearing in mind Talbot's " abuse of trust ", sentencing was adjourned until 13 March 2015.
  4. The organisation sees the nature of violence in family relationships as particularly insidious because it is an abuse of trust.
  5. The sentence of nine months'imprisonment to reflect the seriousness of the abuse of trust and the traumatic effect on the victims.
  6. "All of Canadian society are victims of such an abuse of trust, " said Judge James Maloney when he sentenced James.
  7. I do not believe this was an abuse of trust, and will note that Armon did not raise this concern before now.
  8. Taken together, the government's lawyers wrote, her actions represented " a deliberate and calculated plan involving a substantial abuse of trust ."
  9. He faced charges in Canada of fraud, conspiracy to commit government fraud, abuse of trust, secret commissions and laundering the proceeds of a crime.
  10. In, he was condemned in Algeria, " in absentia ", to a life sentence, charged of criminal association, corruption, abuse of trust, and forgery.
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