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  1. The ombudsman usually deals with issues like prison overcrowding and abuse of rights, but Lenkovics said steps need to be taken to protect the rights of children to a healthy life.
  2. In doing so the court has ruled that the protections in Article 17, the prohibition of abuse of rights, could restrict the right of free speech granted under Article 10.
  3. "We've become a country whose only guiding principal is ` Do nothing to antagonize French-Quebecers,'even to the point of closing eyes to the abuse of rights, " said Cheung.
  4. The council also repeated its condemnation of the Taliban's " continued abuse of rights of women and girls, particularly in the areas of health and education, " said council President Sergey Lavrov of Russia.
  5. The rule of good faith requires the state to protect people's vested confidence in state actions, such as in governmental informations, and prohibits the abuse of rights by the state, such as through undue delays.
  6. It is true that in many civil law systems, abuse of rights is a well recognised concept, and it may be appropriate for a domestic court to apply such a principle in relation to some areas of EU law.
  7. These examples illustrate the breadth, at least as a matter of legal theory, of the concept of abuse of rights, which extends not just to the illegal and improper invocation of a right but to its use for some purpose collateral to that for which it exists.
  8. Moreover, member states may still refuse entry and residence in accord with Articles 27 and 35 of the Citizenship Directive 2004 / 38, dealing respectively with personal breaches of public policy, public health or public security and abuse of rights or fraud, such as marriages of convenience.
  9. He has been awarded the " Aghis Tambakopoulos Prize " of the Academy of Athens for his treatise on the Abuse of Rights ( 1974 ) and the Prize of Society of Greek Penalists for his scientific work ( 1985 ); has been elected and taught as Visiting Fellow at Brasenose College, Oxford University ( 1996, 1997 ).
  10. "Russia has opinions and interests which we take into consideration . . . But it is the political decision of each country if it wants to join NATO . Going against ( this decision ) would mean an abuse of rights, " said Gheorghe Tinca, Romania's defense minister, in Sibiu for the start of the exercises.
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