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  1. However, Abbess Mathilde had vainly refused to surrender the girl.
  2. Her sisters included Maria Kunigunde, Abbess of Thorn and Essen.
  3. Five years later, she was elected abbess of the community.
  4. The last recognized Abbess, Birgitta Knutsdotter, died in 1577.
  5. In 1718, she was elected Princess-Abbess of Quedlinburg.
  6. From 1797 to 1800, she was abbess of Dr�beck Abbey.
  7. On 13 October 1764, Friederike Charlotte became Abbess of Herford.
  8. However, the abbess, Margaret of Chlum was still Catholic.
  9. Its abbess is nun Mihaela Piu ( as of 2013 ).
  10. Mathilde was not an abbess who remained secluded in monastic silence.
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