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लसीका पर्व
lymph:    लसीका बेरंग पानी
node:    उभार गाँठ गांठ
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  1. By August, the enlarged lymph nodes in his neck had completely disappeared.
  2. Cervical lymph node metastasis is a common feature of papillary thyroid carcinoma
  3. The cancer spread throughout his body, including his lymph nodes and liver.
  4. The more cancerous lymph nodes a woman has, the worse her prospects.
  5. It enables T cells to migrate to lymph node B cell zones.
  6. In the lymphatic system the lymph node is a secondary lymphoid organ.
  7. Ten of the 26 lymph nodes tested were positive for the cancer.
  8. The experimental technique examines the lymph nodes for signs of spreading cancer.
  9. The swollen lymph nodes and abscesses are often referred to as buboes.
  10. Wyche underwent a biopsy on lymph nodes in his chest in 2000.
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  1. the source of lymph and lymphocytes

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