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  1. The time when the lustrum took place has been calculated.
  2. Gerhardo Oberhammer lustrum XIII . exigenti ab amicis discipulisque oblatus]
  3. In 2010, Vindicat celebrated its 195th anniversary with its 39th lustrum festival.
  4. :: The Romans also had lustrum, five years, sometimes translated as lustre.
  5. The two censors were relatively liberal in their " lustrum " and degraded none.
  6. Historian Gerry Badger called Lustrum  arguably the best of the small American photobook publishers of the 1970s . 
  7. Lustrum Press published monographs of then-unknown photographers such as Larry Clark, Danny Seymour and Mary Ellen Mark.
  8. As the coincidence, however, was not perfect, a month of 24 days was interposed in every eleventh lustrum.
  9. Both censors appeared to have resigned, however, before completing the lustrum ( the ritual cleansing of the Senate ).
  10. "Tulsa ", Clark's first book, was published in 1971 by Lustrum Press, owned by Ralph Gibson.


  1. a ceremonial purification of the Roman population every five years following the census
  2. a period of five years

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