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  1. Len Dykstra has always been a role model for the lustiness of baseball.
  2. Now that their pitching has improved, their hitters have lost their lustiness.
  3. Except that " Eyes " lacks the seedy lustiness of those films.
  4. Cheers for Woods had a lustiness to them, Nicklaus'a depth and lingering sadness.
  5. One last sip is a perfect reminder of the enduring lustiness that will never entirely fade from the Hungarian kitchen _ whatever the era .-
  6. The many rabbits in the borders are believed to refer both to his lustiness and to his name _ as warrens are rabbit breeding places.
  7. Eventually Buddy's story comes to dominate, especially his bad boy lustiness and his entanglement in a sorry marriage with a mail order bride from the Philippines.
  8. Although the film explores the surprising lustiness of the era, it is too boring to explore anything else . ( R-- 135 minutes ) N, S, V, P.
  9. It's a prelapsarian world as yet unbloodied by World War II, and Silas is the rowdy personification of a kind of innocent lustiness, if you can imagine such a thing.
  10. And the best of Hughes is more complicated than we once thought : his blues lustiness masks sexual and emotional reserve, while his affirmation of life masks a poet half in love with easeful death.

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