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  1. "He's a classic social lubricator,"
  2. "But it's also a powerful social lubricator.
  3. The Wakefield mechanical lubricator was mounted further back on the 502.
  4. A 16-feed lubricator was driven off the reversing link trunnion.
  5. The company started with production of central pressure lubricators.
  6. The locomotives were delivered with mechanical lubricators, but these were later removed.
  7. Specific lubricant is filled in the pneumatic lubricator.
  8. This type of oil feed was later superseded for the sight-feed lubricator.
  9. The lubricator is driven by a rod from the expansion link in locomotives valve gear.
  10. This type of oil-feed was later superseded for the sight-feed lubricator.


  1. a substance capable of reducing friction by making surfaces smooth or slippery
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