long horse meaning in Hindi

long horse sentence in Hindi
long:    लम्बा समय दूर तक
horse:    घोड़ा घोड़ा घोड़ी
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  1. They created a mile-long horse level cutting through the multiple existing levels.
  2. The Mount Colliery Tramway, a private 5 km-long horse tramway, opened in 1908.
  3. On May 28, the regiment brings itself towards Meaux, after a long horse march.
  4. The property had a long horse racetrack, a deer park,
  5. Marsa Race Track, a one-kilometre long horse racing track, was constructed in 1868 and remains in use.
  6. The centre consists of an 1800 meters-long horse racing hippodrome, one outdoor and one indoor equestrian international competitions arenas.
  7. It is believed that the Chalukyas were used to halt at this place to rest after a long horse-ride.
  8. Demare sent Maga�a and Chiola on long horse rides to " weather " their uniforms and accustom the actors to riding.
  9. *Jeeno, Heloise and Igamor, the Long, Long Horse-( 4692 )-redirect to Michael de Larrabeiti-closed 02 : 19, 16 January 2009 ( UTC)
  10. They are normally connected by a long horse-shoe formed drive around the valley, which contains the Ma�ka Democracy Park and the Beyolu Marriage Office.
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  1. a gymnastic horse without pommels and with one end elongated; used lengthwise for vaulting

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