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  1. The Israelis also fired stun grenades and long bursts of gunfire.
  2. In the video, several long bursts of gunfire are heard.
  3. Then came long bursts of automatic weapons fire and pistols shots.
  4. The long burst stopped and was immediately followed by single shots.
  5. Now, of course, the bubble is long burst.
  6. The Israelis responded with swift and decisive retaliatory fire, including long bursts from machine guns.
  7. In Gaza City, he was welcomed by long bursts of automatic rifle fire in the air.
  8. Common attacks are fireballs, long bursts of flame, and focusing the flame into various shapes.
  9. With one long burst of his guns, Colonel Garrison caused the MIG to explode and disintegrate.
  10. After the burial, mourners began dispersing, and witnesses said they suddenly heard long bursts of fire.

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