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  1. The bones were disarticulated, long bones stacked together with skulls on top.
  2. These patients often get clubbing and increased bone deposition on long bones.
  3. A common long bone fracture in children is a Salter Harris fracture.
  4. Long bones are short and curved, with widened growth plates and metaphyses.
  5. His skull appears to be missing, but some long bones may remain.
  6. Fractures of the long bones acutely impair mobility and may require surgery.
  7. In Ring 1, charcoal flecks and two fragmentary deer-sized long bones were uncovered.
  8. The human skeleton is not as skull, dentition, long bones, and pelvis exist.
  9. Overall there were ten skulls, thirty long bones, and one iron spearhead found.
  10. Type IIA demonstrates broad and short long bones with broad and beaded ribs.


  1. in limbs of vertebrate animals: a long cylindrical bone that contains marrow

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