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  1. Constituencies were long based on boroughs ( burghs in Scotland ) and preserved counties.
  2. It was a chalice centred on a long base which had a horse at each end.
  3. "' Education in Nepal "'was long based on home schooling and Gurukula.
  4. And many humorists, like Will Rogers, have long based their appeal on being just plain folks.
  5. Many companies have long based their headquarters in states with favorable tax policies, like Delaware and Florida.
  6. Deutsche Bahn also considered a 24 kilometre-long base tunnel for the crossing of the Thuringian Forest.
  7. Mount Laurel is shaped like a triangle, with its long base running parallel to the New Jersey Turnpike.
  8. Cockney-born Alexander McQueen, long based in a shoebox workshop in London, takes over at Givenchy.
  9. Both programs have long based reimbursement rates for drugs on industry guidebooks that list so-called average wholesale prices.
  10. Mexico has long based its economic development on luring foreign companies to its impoverished regions by offering them cheap labor.

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