logical argument meaning in Hindi

logical argument sentence in Hindi
• न्यायसंगत तर्क

• तार्किक कोणांक
logical:    तर्क-संगत तार्किक
argument:    आलोच्य विषय
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  1. There is really no logical argument for horrible writing and terrible characerizations.
  2. "I'm not sure it will bear out, but it's certainly a logical argument.
  3. The structure of the poem forms an interesting and logical argument and progression.
  4. Unless censorship is the issues WP : NOTCENSORED is not a logical argument.
  5. Just a misunderstanding; the guy actually made a very logical argument.
  6. The son who wins at debate tournaments with persuasive, logical arguments.
  7. It's a logical argument, but a tough sell in this time of turbulence.
  8. My questions above are about whether this is a logical argument.
  9. You really can't keep a consistent or logical argument can you.
  10. I'm the only one giving direct evidence and step-by-step logical arguments.
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  1. a course of reasoning aimed at demonstrating a truth or falsehood; the methodical process of logical reasoning; "I can''t follow your line of reasoning"
    synonyms:argumentation, argument, line of reasoning, line

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