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  1. Later vehicles developed included the 3-door Locusta coup?
  2. A . Mache ( Valerianella locusta ) is delicious, delicate and nutty.
  3. Chapter 101 is entitled'Locusta '.
  4. Locusta draws the conclusion that Polla has built up a resistance to hemlock because of this.
  5. Locusta then devised a new concoction that she promised would " kill swifter than a viper ."
  6. Juvenal also mentions Locusta in Book 1, line 71 of his " Satires ".
  7. It was originally described by Fabricius under the scientific name of " Locusta pedestris ".
  8. Supposedly, he enlisted the services of Locusta, a woman who specialized in the manufacture of poisons.
  9. The word " locust " is derived from the Vulgar Latin " locusta ", meaning locust or lobster.
  10. When Nero fled Rome, he acquired poison from Locusta for his own use, but ultimately died by other means.
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