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• चुंबक

• चुंबक पत्थर
• चुंबक-पत्थर
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  1. Sighted owners of S60 devices can use Loadstone for leisure-time activities geocaching.
  2. The Loadstone developers, who are blind, are from Vancouver, Glasgow, and Amsterdam.
  3. The behaviour of iron placed in the sphere of action of more loadstones is salso investigated.
  4. The Loadstone community is working on importing coordinates from free sources, such as the OpenStreetMap project.
  5. However to describe Lady Loadstone's domestic world as'feminocentric'is argued by some to be completely inaccurate.
  6. But the true loadstone of AOL, more accurately, the vortex into which I was sucked, was the chat lines.
  7. This drew down The Eye, which burned with such anger it melted the loadstone, and killed many of the people.
  8. The Longwalker states that a very clever girl named Fina decided to make a loadstone so powerful it would draw the gods down.
  9. In Lady Loadstone's household, conditions are upside down ( at least in the playwright's system of values ).
  10. As such, the Loadstone software provides users an option to create and store their own waypoints for navigation and share them with others.
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  1. a permanent magnet consisting of magnetite that possess polarity and has the power to attract as well as to be attracted magnetically

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