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• भारित केबिल
loaded:    भारित निहित अर्थ
cable:    जहाज का रस्सा
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  1. A uniformly loaded cable spanning between two supports forms a curve intermediate between a catenary curve and a parabola.
  2. A Danish engineer, Carl Emil Krarup, invented a form of continuously loaded cable which solved these problems and the cable is named for him.
  3. A third type of implant involves a series of interlocking plastic blocks that can be " erected " or deflated by a spring-loaded cable that passes through them.
  4. Invented in 1929 by the Swiss ski racer Guido Reuge, patented by him and marketed in 1932, the spring-loaded cable binding was named for the Lord Roberts of Kandahar Cup ski races.
  5. was a Japanese electrical engineer, inventor of the non-loaded cable carrier system, the Minister of the Ministry of Communications ( Teishin-in, between August 30, 1945 and April 8, 1946 ), politician and the founder of Tokai University.
  6. Because the cable moves faster than most passengers could safely disembark and load, each chair is connected to the cable by a powerful spring-loaded cable grip which detaches at terminals, allowing the chair to slow considerably for convenient loading and unloading at a typical speed of 200 ft / min ( 2.2 mph, 1 m / s ), a speed slower even than fixed-grip " bunny chairlifts ".
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