loaded antenna meaning in Hindi

loaded antenna sentence in Hindi

• आधार-भारित ऐन्टेना
• भारित ऐन्टेना
loaded:    भारित निहित अर्थ
antenna:    ऐंटिना
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  1. Upon reaching the ocean surface, the outer casing and parachute break away from the SLDMB, and the spring-loaded antenna deploys.
  2. But the engineers worry that they could encounter a similar problem when they release a spring-loaded antenna soon after the craft reaches its final orbit.
  3. The company s primary focus is on designing and manufacturing patented dielectrically loaded antenna technology, this technology is specifically aimed at hand held devices which are mostly used close to human bodies.
  4. Although like other electrically short antennas the rubber ducky has poorer performance ( less gain ) than a quarter-wave whip, it has somewhat better performance than an equal length base loaded antenna.
  5. The inductive reactance of the coil is equal and opposite to, and cancels, the capacitive reactance of the antenna, so the loaded antenna presents a pure resistance to the transmission line, preventing energy from being reflected.
  6. The unit's equipment consists of a 10.6 kW AM band broadcast radio transmitter; a broadcast studio van; antenna tuner; two antennas ( a pneumatically raised top-loaded antenna mast and a wire helium balloon antenna ); and a 30 kW generator that provides power to the system.
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