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load:    दबाव बोझ भर भार भर
voltage:    खिंचाव तनाव
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  1. The loaded voltage was 3.61 % less than the no-load voltage.
  2. There are usually primary taps which can be selected to provide higher voltage under load, at the cost of higher no-load voltage.
  3. Alternatively, the above formula can be rearranged to express the input impedance in terms of the load impedance rather than the load voltage reflection coefficient:
  4. An appreciable but small load will collapse the voltage of a battery in poor condition, but a good battery will sustain near-no-load voltage.
  5. As it runs down, its on-load voltage will decrease, but its open-circuit voltage will stay at 5V until the battery is completely knackered.
  6. If a lamp is then connected, the capacitor will supply most of the energy to the lamp until it discharges to the on load voltage of the battery.
  7. For three-phase SPWM, three modulating signals that are 120 degrees out of phase with one another are used in order to produce out of phase load voltages.
  8. It seemed that the manufacturer of such a transformer adjusted the turns ratio to give a slightly high no-load voltage so as to ensure rated voltage at rated current.
  9. We do not have enough info to judge the no-load voltage of the adapter, which might be higher than the battery voltage at some stage of battery discharge.
  10. The " no-load " voltage as measured by a high quality voltmeter, is largely uninformative, except that any cell with a very low no-load voltage is shot.
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