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• भार-वाहन क्षमता
load:    दबाव बोझ भर भार भर
carrying:    उतराई ढुलाई ढोना
carrying capacity:    धारा-वहन क्षमता
capacity:    कैपेसिटी गुंज़ाइश
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  1. The larger the ball the greater the load carrying capacity.
  2. A weak track structure with a light load carrying capacity limited the axle load.
  3. Agricultural tires are unique in aspects of tread pattern & high-load carrying capacity.
  4. The total load carrying capacity is.
  5. It also ensures the appliance is not overloaded and is within its legal load carrying capacity.
  6. The disadvantage of this design is its lower load carrying capacity, as compared to typical journal bearings.
  7. So while load carrying capacity was important, the need for speed under sail was also a sought-after characteristic.
  8. Increasing the pressure angle increases the width of the base of the gear tooth, leading to greater strength and load carrying capacity.
  9. The river exhausted its supply of easily erodible sediment upstream, thus decreasing its sediment load and increasing its load carrying capacity downstream.
  10. The MaxxPro Plus model comes with dual rear wheels for increased load carrying capacity, such as an ambulance or EFP protected variant.
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