load balancing meaning in Hindi

load balancing sentence in Hindi

• भार संतुलन
load:    दबाव बोझ भर भार भर
balancing:    संतुलन शेष या
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  1. Later that year, the company announced Login Protect, a load balancing capabilities.
  2. Every hour, Lindbergh switches fuel tanks to keep the weight load balanced.
  3. Using load balancing, both links can be in use all the time.
  4. This process along with others is called load balancing or peak shaving.
  5. :rr . wikimedia . org is a virtual hostname for geographic load balancing.
  6. However, maintaining load balance under extreme conditions may not be straightforward.
  7. Shinken's architecture aims to offer easier load balancing and high availability.
  8. Services include CDN, video acceleration, managed DNS with cloud load balancing.
  9. Another way of using load balancing is in network monitoring activities.
  10. Cloudify adjusts server usage according to demand using load balancing middleware.
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