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सूची मूल्य

सूची कीमत
सूची दाम
list:    कोर क्रम तालिका
price:    क़ीमत क़ीमत कीमत
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  1. The CF110 has a suggested list price of $ 179 . 95.
  2. Total list price for the two planes is about $ 130 million.
  3. List prices will range from $ 100 to $ 200 a yard.
  4. l ) Avoid sites that list prices for only a few merchants.
  5. That purchase is valued at about $ 4 billion at list prices.
  6. The CF130 has a suggested list price of $ 239 . 95.
  7. Boeing apparently gave China a 7 percent discount off list prices.
  8. He estimated American will pay 20 percent less than list prices.
  9. Local HUD offices also have some flexibility in setting list prices.
  10. In 1984 the list price of MINCE was USD $ 175.
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  1. the selling price of something as stated in a catalogue or price list; often subject to discounts; "I got it at 30% off the list price"

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